Architecture: The mouthpiece for Cultural Expression


Heres an interesting thought: The greatest mouthpiece for the cultural expression of society is architectural design. The South African architectural standpoints are loud storytellers of the struggle we face to address inequality through the challenges of our time.

The architectural expression lets us in on the lifestyle and traditions, all illustrated by the articulation of detail of a built structure. The textures, the colours, the choice of materials all this narrates a story about the past, present and the future. The mental space of a society informed by the behaivoural patterns illuminate the specific cultural values. Meaning that there’s a psychological contribution to the way a society care for its environment and what it nurtures to be important. From the industrial Johannesburg to the green calm of Durban,South Africa voluminously illustrates this, perhaps by an exploration of our country, you too will be inclined to believe that this is true.

A tour along the streets of our country takes us through the pages of our tumultuous history of indigenous clans with their rudimentary rondavels, hosting much of the Zulu and IsiXhosa culture. In your window seat, you will be intrigued by the narrow traces of our colourful townships. All the way to the Union Buildings of Pretoria which encompasses a mix of Neo-Classical Palladian design projecting the dominance of the British in the period of colonization. All this attests to the complexities of reconciliation in our post-apartheid state and the powerful determination of our futures moving ahead. A multidimensional, ever-growing story presented by the architectural landmarks of our cities.

Now, to the more personal, here’s a challenge: as businessman or even a homeowner looking to invent your own space, what do you want for contribution to be?

My Architect, understands that the story you tell matters and we want to service you, in telling it your way.
Does your architect do the same?