As solid as a traditional building My Architecture uses recycled shipping containers for Bata children’s program


Client: Bata Factory

Architects: My Architecture

Location: Loskop South Africa

Area: 50sqm

Concept: Learn, Play, Gather, Grow


The Bata factory is based in a rural area, the project was developed as an idea to create a safe haven for children whose parents are working at the factory.


Built with a limited budget and access to resources. The prototype transformed a 12m long recycled shipping container into an independent classroom. The structure consists of a sheltering roof top, outdoor play area, garden.


  • The dramatic roof shields the recycled unit from direct sunlight, while the gap in between acts as a heat buffer to reduce heat gain.


  • Cross ventilation is achieved by a series of colorful windows on both sides of the structure.
  • A green wall acts as a form of vertical vegetable garden that shelters the play area from prevailing winds


•Aquaponics system installed near the creche, raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks.The sensory palette of texture, nature and colors of the exterior and interior combined with the children’s unrestrained imagination can significantly expand and enrich the daily learning experiences